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Areas of Practice


Estate PLANNING and probate

People make the choice to have a will or a trust because they want to be responsible and make sure that their loved ones are taken care of and not unduly burdened by their death.  Proper estate planning requires you to share a large amount of personal and financial information with your estate attorney and it is vital that your attorney is worthy of your trust.  I have been a public servant as a prosecutor and as a Governor appointed and Senate confirmed Parole Board member and will bring a commitment to trust and integrity to helping you with your estate plan.  

It can be emotionally unsettling to think about what you want to do with your possessions and assets when you die.  Additionally, the legal process of estate planning can be confusing when you are trying to figure out do I need a will, do I need a trust, what about estate taxes, and what happens if I become incapacitated?  These are the questions I will help you answer and address in your estate plan so that your wishes are respected, and your love ones are not burdened.

I am accepting clients who need assistance drafting a will or trust, and clients who need assistance through probate or trust administration.


Being charged with a crime is a stressful and unsettling event.  The choices you make during your criminal case can have consequences that endure for years beyond the conclusion of your case.  This is why the legal system encourages people charged with a crime to obtain a lawyer to help them.

From 2006 to 2014 I was a Deputy District Attorney in Clackamas County.  Over that time I reviewed and charged hundreds of cases and gained extensive experience in misdemeanor and felony prosecution.  As a result I have a significant amount of trial, motion, settlement conference and sentence negotiation experience.

My years as a prosecutor allow me to analyze the criminal case against you from the perspective of the prosecutor.   I can provide insight into the strengths and weaknesses of the case against you, develop an effective and persuasive trial strategy based on that analysis, and I can help you to develop a negotiation strategy that will be the most effective with the prosecutor assigned to your case.  Finally, I will help you understand how the choices you make about your case can impact your life both in the short term and especially in the longer term. Identifying and mitigating long term consequences is often an overlooked, but critical component of good legal representation.

I am accepting clients charged with violations (traffic tickets), misdemeanors, and felonies.  This includes DUII, other driving crimes, theft, fraud, controlled substances crimes, financial crimes and person to person crimes.  However at this time I am not accepting clients charged with family violence and domestic violence crimes.


Unlike criminal defendant’s rights, crime victims rights are a relatively new area of law. It is important for you to know that you do have constitutional and statutory rights as a crime victim and survivor.  I have been fortunate enough during my legal career as a prosecutor and as a member of the Parole Board to have worked with crime victims and survivors, and it is important to me to continue to have the opportunity to do so in private practice as well.  

While the police and prosecutor assigned to your case can assist you through much of the case, having an experienced victim’s rights attorney can ensure that your voice is heard and understood throughout the process.

The police and prosecutor are key allies in your criminal case, but they do not solely represent your interests as a crime victim.  They must balance your needs and positions with the needs and positions of the criminal justice system as a whole. A victim’s rights attorney would be able to focus solely on representing you through the criminal process, and work with the prosecutor and the courts to ensure that your voice is always heard.

Additionally, a crime victim’s rights attorney can help you figure out if there are civil remedies available in your case.  The purpose of the criminal justice system is to punish the defendant and protect the community. While the civil justice system’s purpose is to compensate the victim. You may be able to file a civil lawsuit for criminal wrongdoing in your case.   This would be a lawsuit to hold the defendant accountable to you, and because it is a civil lawsuit you would be in control of the case and not the prosecutor’s office.  An experienced attorney could also analyze your case and determine if a civil suit against an entity or organization which protected or ignored the actions of the defendant would be possible.  Such civil suits could include premise liability, negligent security, personal injury, wrongful death or professional malpractice. Finally, a victims’ rights attorney could help you determine if 1) the perpetrator of the crime had insurance, 2) if the insurance company may be in position to compensate you, and 3) how the resolution of the criminal case might affect that compensation.


Society can  be judgemental towards people who file lawsuits when they are injured by someone else’s negligence.  Society labels them as attempting to profit from their injury or being insincere. However, most people who file personal injury lawsuits do so as a last resort in order to have the basic needs of their injuries met.  Attempting to get those needs met can be a difficult process. From dealing with insurance companies to preparing for depositions and trial, a good lawyer can make the difference between a successful outcome and failure.

As an experienced courtroom advocate and negotiator I can help you decipher the sometimes complex world of insurance, torts and the civil court system. Most importantly, I will make it a priority to tell your story of loss to insurance adjusters, opposing counsel, Judges and juries, so that no matter the outcome your story about what happened to you is heard.

Please contact us to find out if we can help you with your injury claim.